Welcome to Zeus Print Shop

Our focus is 3d prints, shirts, bags, cups, and more. Please look through our website to learn more about us.

Print on Demand Questions

What Can We Print On?

We can print on pretty much anything and will be slowly growing our list as we add to it. However, if you don't see it, just reach out, and we can research it and make it our next addition!


We try to be fair as possible, as we started off working with a Print on Demand company. We found we were charging our customers $25 for a shift, and getting $5 back. We felt bad about our customers, and also the quality they were receiving.

Therefore we split our profit roughly 60/40. You getting 60 and we getting 40.

We do not have a price breakdown public yet, but just ask. We do not hide anything.

Audience Size and Selling Product

We do not care how big your audience is, as it doesn't cost us anything to have your items in our store. Therefore, if you want to try and sell some merch, then send us an email!